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needs work

ok.. well the beginning sounds like someone hitting a nail into the wall

The gated synth sounds pretty nice
then around the 1 minute mark the change didn't quite fit
the voice sounded ok the first couple times..

i know this is a demo but, i would say for your finished version too give it more density......the song overall feels empty or hollow



very listenable
i like the soothing pad....
as you said it was a soft trance song so judging by that i'd say it was nice

i just found that the main pluck got a tad repetative

i think the song should be well over four but obviously the zero bombers are at it again : (


thanks for a pleasant 3 minutes and 23 seconds, and happy new year

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Blackhole12 responds:

thank you :3

Zero-bombers are why I just dump songs on NG without much thought. Its entirely luck.


i love that melody.......it just sticks in my mind....
nice filters and stuff too, hehe.....

happy new year man

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this is really neat......it reminds me of a fighter looking out the window on his way to his next fight against a heavily favored opponent. Around the two minute mark he leaves the vehicle and enters the building, looking at his trainer he progresses....then it fades to black

i was trying to be interesting.....sorry if that didn't make any sense hehe

blinktorch responds:

Nice. I can totally see that. The way i name songs is to just listen to them with my eyes closed and name them whatever it makes me feel/think of.

I've actually came up with a name for this one. Angel's Smile.


its very beautiful.. ..i really enjoyed it....
you did say that its hard style but the bass doesn't seem to go quite right with the synth....
other than that 5/5 9/10

check ouy my latest song: <Growth>

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Johan1993 responds:

Yeah, im still working on the bass :F, thnx anway

its cool

i like the bass, though this type of music isn't really my favorite i think you did a good job on what you were going for

check out my latest song : <growth>

i agree

the other two below me nailed it....Great song

I Love the intro especially....

perfect marks and a download.

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i loved it

i have never played portal but, you certainly have inspired me too.......i dont really understand how that makes sense but whats said is said i guess...... 5/5 and 10/10

Kart-Man responds:

Thanks for the glowing review! I'm glad that someone has been inspired by what I create. :D

im impressed

this is probably the best loop i've heard on Ng, good job man keep it up


This is amazing.....................that's all i got

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i try to gear my music towards the eight to ten year old demographic.... add me: champius1 @hotmail.com

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