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this is solid greatness all the way through

i'm completely amazed

perfect marks

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good for your first entry

this is my first blues review so i apologize for the lack of feedback i can give you to help

anyways, the first two minutes or so i thought sounded nice though i wasn't the biggest fan of the bass

i thought that little guitar solo at the end sounded nice (you could have prolly made a rock song with that as the intro)

the only thing about it was that their was no transition, it was like a new song started

overall for a blues track it was very bluesy ( <<i dont know) and i liked it : ]

and considering its your first entry it was great, much better than my first entry

i see a lot of potential, keep it up man!


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gasking responds:

wow thx that means a lot to me
ill try to improve a little on those things you listed

your the best

your the best trance/techno with piano artist ever....

thank you for yet another great song nate.. : ))

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dj-Nate responds:

You're very welcome!



this is one of my favorite piano pieces
and from what you've done so far your remix of it sounds great
its got a nice jungle like/donkey kong atmosphere
i cant wait to hear the finished version!



i think the melody sounds great
but i liked the bassline the most(it stood out the most as well

for your first trance song your definately headed in the right direction, though i don't know much about it myself, its much better than my first trance song

i had a couple complaints, one obviously was that it wasn't very long so it didn't really give me a chance to get into it, and second i wasn't a huge fan of the kick or the lead used.....

all in all for 54 seconds it was good though

hope to hear some great stuff from you in the future!


SonicJ responds:

The lead I sorta hated too >.<
Do you think I should use a softer kick, or a harder one?

i like it

i thought that this sounded really cool

i thought the "Whoah" part was pretty funny but nonetheless adds to the song

i didn't like the bass in the beginning though

but overall it was worth my time : )


Neon-Crepth responds:

hey, thanks for reviewing. s'good that it was worth your time, lol... better have been or else i Wasted a lot of time.

what did you mean by the "Whoah" part?
anyway, 'preciate the 5/5!


i first opened this up not expecting much but it just started off and i was hooked, great song man

my only complaint is that maybe there should be some more instruments in there to sort of bridge the song, i just wish there was something more, there was the one filtered part at 50 seconds which was pretty nice

judging what you were going for here i'd say you did a pretty darn good job,
with a good melody, good synths, and good percussion
i liked the intro the most


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Envisage123 responds:

Thanks I'm glad you liked it! I personally liked the middle of the song where everything stopped with just that pad going on, but thats just me :P, Either way I'm glad you liked it. thanks!

good start

very smooth.... but i was really disappointed at around 2:25 thinking there was gonna be more but it just stopped........
all in all i wish it were another minute longer but from what i heard i liked
if you make it longer just pm me, because i would like to hear it


Envisage123 responds:

If I do I'll give you an mp3 of it. Thanks for the review!


i think this fits quite nicely for an rpg game

it has great flow, and i think that if it were in an old NES game it would probably be a classic by now

i wish it were longer though : (

i hope all goes well with your game, and your music



I overall enjoyed this especially the voice around the 40 second mark

i could definitely see this playing in the background of some desert scene in a movie

however i think the part from 2:09 to 2:30 didn't really place well with the rest
I think it would be much better if you got rid of that part


i try to gear my music towards the eight to ten year old demographic.... add me: champius1 @hotmail.com

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